Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
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  Creating Online Event Registration Forms - Overview
  How Do I Create a New Online Event - General Event Information Setup?
Place a logo or graphic on the registration pages
Specify who will receive registration notifications
Setup Early Bird Discount or Late Registation Fee
Setup Payment Method(s)
Customize e-Mail Notification Message
Select Standard Fields to be completed by the registrant
 How Do I Add Event Session Details?
Select a location/Add a new location
Specify the maximum number of overall attendees
Choose to collect answers to survey questions for the registrant or attendee
Dates and Times - Options
Ticket Types - Options
Survey Questions - Options
 How Do I Create a Website Landing Page for my Online Event
 How Do I Create Discount Codes for An Online Event
 Manage Online Events - Pending Event Options 
Edit Event Registration
Preview Event Content Pages
Preview Event Registration
Activate Event
Cancel Event
Copy Event
 How do I Access my Active Online Event or Embed it into my Website?
 How do display a list of all Active or Pending Online Events?
 How do I Send Invitations to My List of Email Addresses?
 Reports and Statistics for Registrants and Attendees
Stats Summary
Advanced Stats
Manage Registrants
Manage Registrants: Record payment by check
Manage Registrants: Cancel an entire registration
Report by Registrants (Financials)
Export Registrant Data
Manage Attendees
Manage Attendees: Cancel one attendee
Manage Attendees: Change attendee survey answers
Export All Attendees for All Sessions
Attendee Rosters
 Manage Online Events - Active Events Options
Edit Online Event Registration
Reports and Stats for Registrants and Attendees
Cancel Event
Return an Active Event to Pending Status
Copy Active Event Details
HTML code
Code for link to Event Registration
Permanent Forms
 How Do I Create a Secure Web Based Form (i.e. Online Donation Form)?
 How Do I Create a New Survey Form - General Survey Form Setup?
Place a logo or graphic on the survey form
Specify who will receive registration notifications
Customize e-Mail Notification Message
Select Standard Fields to be included on the survey form
 Custom Survey Questions - Options

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