Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
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We partner with Nonprofit organizations to take their online fundraising events to a whole new level by utilizing social fundraising tools.

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Wizathon is a service and custom event platform, for your non profit organization, that provides social fundraising and financial administration tools that allow participants to promote your cause in order to raise charitable funds. Use Wizathon for your running, biking, walking and swimming events.

Build. Brand. Register.

Build an event website that matches your organization's branding and colors. Accept participant and team registrations online.

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Get your community involved by providing them with the social media tools to fundraise for you! Expand your supporter base using our peer to peer fundraising platform.

Manage. Report. Encourage.

Track both individual and team progress. Communicate with participants and team captains to maximize participation and sponsorships.
Wizathon Includes: Branded Event Website, Event Registration, Social Fundraising Tools, Integrated Credit Card processing, Personalized Participant and Team Pages.
Below you will useful information to create an online community bike ride registration form.
If you have additional questions for setting up a community bike ride form, you can always find responsive and courteous help from Wizevents customer support. Click here to contact us.
Description: Once you establish the date of the event, starting location, course, participation prices and sponsorship opportunities you are ready to setup your online event registration form. To maximize the number of participants and sponsors, it is important that you put together a good publicity team to publicize the bike ride to the entire community and to clearly state how the proceeds from the event will be used.
  • Setting up an online bike ride registration form provides a convenient way for participants to register for the event at any time (not only when the office is open). 
  • Administrative costs are lower since office staff save time otherwise spent by manually collecting registration information and processing credit card transactions.
  • Race day committee saves time by collecting information online such as age category, gender, shirt size, etc.   
  • Registration transactions are saved in a database for easy reporting and export to an excel spreadsheet.
  • Participant information is saved into a database for easy export to spreadsheet for timing company.
Form Setup
Pre Setup Questions:
  • Name of the link on website: (i.e. Community 5k Run/Walk)
  • Description of the event and how money will be used
  • Other activities for younger children (i.e. face painting)?
  • Organization contact person, email address and phone number
  • Starting and finishing locations
  • Bike Route(s)
  • Placement of rest stops
  • T-shirts for all participants?
  • Medallions for all participants?
  • Prizes/prize categories?
  • Trophie categories
  • Text for notification email sent after registration is made.
  • Payment methods: Credit Card/Accept Checks/Bill the Account
  • Participation pricing
  • Sponsorship package (i.e. Corporate, Family, etc.)
  • Number of participation tickets included in a sponsorship package?
  • Will there be an option to just give a donation amount?
Ticket Types Ideas:

100-K Route - 100K (62 miles) route: three rest stops with refreshments and food, followed by a hot BBQ lunch. Route map and commemorative T-shirt included. $55.00
50-K Route - 50K (31 miles) route: two rest stops with refreshments and food, followed by a hot BBQ lunch at the school. Route map and commemorative T-shirt included. $55.00
Tandem for all Routes (Two t-shirts and two meal tickets) - Rest stops with refreshments and food, followed by a hot BBQ lunch at the school. Route map and commemorative T-shirt included. $95.00
Family Fun Ride (up to 4 participants - one charge) - This includes 1 or 2 adults and their minor children. One T-shirt per family. Additional t-shirts and BBQ tickets available for purchase $55.00
Children's Activities - For children who are not riding, we are offering wonderful activities here at the school. Challenging obstacle courses, tri-cycling and other fun activities for children
Additional BBQ Tickets $10.00
Additional T-shirts $5.00
Donation - A tax deductible donation to ($25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, other) Donations of $250 and above will be listed as co-sponsors of the ride on the t-shirt.
Logo on T-Shirt $250
Start/Finish Line Sponsorship Banner $1,500 
Refreshment Station Sponsors $350
Survey Questions Ideas:
Participant Details

First Name:

Last Name:

  • Male
  • Female
T-shirt size:
  • Youth Small
  • Youth Medium
  • Youth Large
  • Adult Small
  • Adult Medium
  • Adult Large
  • Adult X-Large
Date of Birth:* (mm/dd/yyyy)

Check box if registrant is under the age of 18
I have read and accepted the Waiver and Consent form (Link to the Waiver form can be found on the Event Landing Page)
  • I agree
Emergency Contact Information:
Do you need a vegetarian meal? If so how many?:
Time Line: Less than three hours, assuming that all information is available and your Wizevents account, including the gateway is already set up and live. 
Marketing Strategies: Place “100k / 50k / 5k Bike Ride” text or graphic link on e-Newsletters and on your website. Send an e-invite promoting the event with a link to the registration form.  Spread the word to the entire community.
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