Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
How Do I Create a Secure Based Form (ie. Online Donation Form, Membership Form, etc.)?
Click on Manage Events from the Main Console
Wizevents Main Console
Click on Add New Event on the Manage Events Listing
Manage Events Listing Page
Complete the General Event Information Form (see instructions and sample page below)
Click on Save New Event and Continue Setup
Go to Step 2:  Add Events Session Details

The event information page is the first step for creating a new permanent form.  

Event Title: Enter the title of the permanent form (i.e. Donate Now).
Contact Name: Enter the name of the person to be contacted if there are questions about the form.  The contact name will appear on the registration pages as well as on form notification emails.
Contact Email:
Enter the email address of the contact person.  The contact email will appear on the form pages as well as on form notification emails. 

Additional Notification Emails:
Enter email addresses of other people who should receive email notifications when someone completes the form. 
Contact Phone Number:
Enter the phone number of the contact person to call with any questions about the form.  
 Upload an logo from your local computer to be displayed on the form. The logo must be in either .jpg or .gif format 
Date Settings: 

  • Registration Begins On: Enter date that campaign begins.
  • Registration Ends On: Enter date that campaign ends.
  • Early Bird Discount: (OPTIONAL) does not apply to permanent forms.
  • Late Registraton Fee: (OPTIONAL) does not apply to permanent forms.

Checkout Options:

  • Standard Optional Fields: (OPTIONAL)
  • Online Processing Fees: (OPTIONAL)
  • Payment Methods Allowed: check, bill me or credit card
  • Instructions for Payments by Check: (OPTIONAL)
  • Notification Message to Registrant: 
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