Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
How Do I Add a Discount Code for An Online Event?
Click on Add Discount Code from the Main Event Information Screen
Wizevents Main Console
Fill in the Event Discount Code Information (see instructions and sample page below)
Click on Save Event Discount Code


Wizevents allows for the creation of discount codes so that special situation registrants can apply a code to receive either a % discount or set dollar amount discount on their registration.

Discount Code: Enter the code that will be given to special registrants to receive their discount.
Discount Amount: Enter either a % or set dollar amount that the registrant will receive off on their registration.
Discount Start Date:  Enter the date that discounts will be allowed on registrations.
Discount End Date:  Enter the date that discounts will no longer be allowed on registrations.



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