Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
How Do I Create a Session Date?
Click on Add Date and Time (Step 2.2) from the Event Session Information Screen
Wizevents Main Console
Complete Step 2.2 Dates and Times Screen (see instructions and sample screen below)
This section allows you to define the dates for the event session. Please note when registering, registrants can only choose date/time per session.
Events where there is only one date/time
If your event session occurs on one day and one time (i.e. picnic, seminar, etc...), enter the same date in the start and end date. Enter your start and end time. Click Non-Recurring Event Session.
Events that range over a span of days
If your event session ranges over a span of days (i.e. weekend getaway), enter the start and end date, mark the time as an all day event and click Non-Recurring Event Session.
If your event session is part of a series occuring on many dates over a period of time (i.e. classes), enter the start and end date, the beginning and end time and click Non-Recurring Event Session. Your session description should list the exact dates that the series will take place.
Events where the registrant must choose one date/time from many available dates/times 
If your event session is offered on multiple dates and times and you require the registrant to select ONE of the dates/times (i.e. multiple dates/times of a movie showing or multiple offerings of the same lecture), then you can create each date and time individually or if the event occurs the same time each day, use the Recurring Event Session option.
Donation forms
Donation forms do not require a date.
Note: If you want registrants to be able to register for more than one session within the registration process (i.e. course offerings for a semester, conference sessions, concerts in a concert series), then you will setup multiple event sessions. (tip: You can make a copy of an event session quickly change the dates.)

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