Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal

Online Event Registration with Wizevents - Online Event Journal
How Do I Add Event Session Details?
Important: Please read the below explanation before you create your event.
A. Single Event "Session":
If your event has one set of similarly priced ticket types (participation options) such as a seminar, a fundraising dinner,  or a corporate, or social event, you need to complete the event details for one event "session".  Event session set-up has 4 components (steps 2.1 through 2.4). 
2.1 Event Session Details (required) –  here you define the general event details, such as name of event, short description of the event and who it's geared towards (youth, seniors, executives, members etc).

Event Session Dates & Times (optional) - here you enter the event date. Options include single date, range of dates or recurring dates. 

2.3 Event Session Ticket Type(s) (required) – here you enter ticket types (participation options). 
  • Seminar ticket types could be full day, morning session only, afternoon session only, etc.
  • Corporate or social event ticket types could be member ticket, non-member ticket, student ticket etc.
  • Fundraiser ticket type could be gold sponsor, silver sponsor, etc.
  • Fee event 
2.4 Event Custom Survey Questions (optional) – here you create questions to ask for other information that you want to collect for each registrant or attendee.
B. Event with Multiple Sub-Event "Sessions" that have Different Ticket Types:
If your event has multiple sub-event "sessions" with different levels of ticket types (participation options) such as classes in a semester, speakers at a book festival, or conference with differently priced sub-event sessions, you need to complete the event details for each sub-event session steps 2.1 through 2.4. (Tip: You can make a copy of an event session)
    • Book Festival: order tickets for various sub-events to attend, ect.
      See example Book Festival
    • Classes in a Semester: Sign-up for different courses using shopping cart.
      See example Class Registration
    • Camp Registration: Sign-up children for different camp programs.
Click on Add Session from the Main Event Information Screen
Wizevents Main Console
Fill in the Event Session Details (see instructions and sample page below)
Click on Save Session Changes
Complete Step 2.2 through Step 2.4 from the Event Session Details Screen
Wizevents Main Console
Complete Step 2.2 Dates and Times
Complete Step 2.3 Ticket Types
Complete Step 2.4 Custom Survey Questions


If you are creating a single event such as a seminar or social event, you will create only one event session. If you are planning an event with multiple event sessions (sub-events) such as a book festival, conference or a class registration system, you will need to create an event sessions for each sub-event or class that the registrant can register for.

Session Title: Enter event session title.  If this is a single event session, then the session title should be the same as the general event title.  If there are multiple sessions (sub-events) within this event, you should type in each session (sub-event) or class name.

Maximimum Event Attendees: This is an optional field that will establish the maximum number of people that can sign up for an event or sub-event.

Location: This is an optional field to specify the location of the event.  If the location is not already listed in the drop down, choose "New Location" from the drop down menu, and enter the details of the location.

Collect Survey Answers for Registrant or Each Attendee:  Wizevents allows you to collect information for either the registrant or for each attendee of the event.  For example: for a dinner event you may only need to collect information for the registrant, where as a seminar where the registrant may register multiple attendees, the option to collect answers may be by attendee.

Event Short Description: Enter a short description of the event.


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